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Why Audit

  • Audited financial statements are mandatory and required according to commercial companies federal law no. (2) of (2015) for Public-joint Stock , Private-joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies.
  • Most of the authorities in U.A.E  required  audited financial statements for the purpose of renewing the company Trade licenses. Free zones are mandatory audited financial statements.
  • Most of the Financial Institutions and Banks in U.A.E required audited financial statements to access your business eligibility for the Bank facilities required by your company.
  • Your company suppliers in U.A.E will require audited financial statements to look at the feasibility of approving the credit facilities required for your business.
  • Audited financial statements are considered as one of the major source of evidence that can support the lawsuits and the legal disputes for or against the company and vice versa.
  • Audited financial statements will help the management, the owners, the external and the internal parties to determine the reliability of the company’s’ financial flow and position thus helps to Grow your Business.

Note : to ensure, that the accounting is done as per International Accounting Standards & Practices