Accounting Services

  • Analysis of your nature of business and accounting system
  • Resolving the current accounting issues
  • Preparing charts of accounts with respect to your business & IFRS standards which is acceptable by upcoming Govt regulatory bodies
  • Provided access control

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process ofaccounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation.

Setting up a new business comes with an array of organisational and logistical problems. In the rush to become operational, the accounting of ‘where all the money went’ very often is overlooked until some considerable time later and when the dust has settled. This can cause serious problems as invoices can go missing and explanations can be forgotten.

Outsourcing will benefit the head count, which is often a significant issue in today’s competitive environment. Outsourcing also eliminates the hiatus caused by accounts staff going on leave or during
times of heavy work pressure such as year end reporting. We provide a professional and reliable accounting and financial reporting service using up to date accounting software. Our staff keep
abreast of ever-changing accounting rules and keep you informed of the accounting implications of transactions you are undertaking.

Decision making is important aspect of any business operations; it is a known fact that the businessmen are focused and fully engaged in the business and hardly gets sufficient time to review the accounting systems.

The commonly employed accountants in the SME’s do not provide meaningful MIS to the management. Business decisions cannot be based on guesstimates, for effective decision making managements require timely and meaningful MIS drawn from the accounting system.

We help the management in designing and implementing strong budgetary control system, frequent analysis of the actual vs budget and reporting the variances. We help the managements to structure their accounting system, identify key business matrix for measuring the operational and financial performance of various business verticals, designing daily, weekly and monthly dashboards & various ad-hoc reports for the management enabling them to effectively monitor the business performance and help them make key business decisions.

We are equipped to execute part time / full time and outsourced accounting assignments, we will deploy qualified and experienced accountants to manage your day to day accounting requirements at very reasonable and competitive fees.

Inventory management is a critical function for manufacturing and trading business because inventory is cost with a carrying cost, profits will be realised onlywhen the inventory is sold, till then the inventory need tobe guarded against loss due to theft, pilferage and wastage

We at Apex Auditing provide complete inventory management solutions.
– Maintaining day to day inventory.
– Frequent reconciliation between the physical and book inventory, reporting the differences.
– Ascertainment of Re-order level, Re-order quantity, Economic order quantity, Safety stock.
– Product wise contribution.
– Identifying and reporting slow moving and dead stock.
– Valuation of inventories.

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